Time is precious and not to be wasted. We take time to listen to our clients because by genuinely understanding their long-term objectives, we can customize & manage investment policies to achieve them. This is our philosophy of personal service. We are empowered by it. We focus on it. And it drives us.

At Sierra Capital, we have dedicated our professional lives to this method because we believe it delivers. Our advice will always be unbiased and based on expert insight and research. We will always endeavour to communicate with clarity, and defend our clients’ interests with professional diligence and unwavering dedication.


At Sierra Capital, because we are an Independent Multi-Family Office working directly for our client, and not a bank, we have confidence in the custodians we use but are not bound to any. This allows us to examine the pros and cons of each custodian without conflict of interest and choose those suited to the individual client’s requirements.


We begin by building a framework, a map to guide the way. We focus on your objectives and provide you with a personalized investment policy that we hold to. This policy influences our advice and management strategy. Keeping us on a disciplined path.


Through studious research, portfolio discussions with our clients, and industry leading insight & tools we find the appropriate balance between cash, bonds, stocks and alternative investments. We then establish a custom asset allocation that lays the foundation of a strong portfolio. 


Because each client’s investment policy is unique we work in partnership with your designated CPA to supervise and implement customized tax optimization strategies. We manage and advise to maximize the efficiency of our client’s taxation structure within the portfolio, gathering losses for future benefit. Regarding personal finances, we consolidate information and co-ordinate with your CPA, to streamline annual and quarterly filings. And our inheritance planning helps our client’s preserve wealth for future generations.


We identify asset managers and combine their skills to build bespoke multi-manager investment portfolios which we then monitor and manage on your behalf. If the risk parameters of actively using an asset manager do not conform to our client’s investment portfolio we can also use passive strategies such as ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) to implement tactical asset allocation. 


We continuously monitor the performance of your portfolio and scrutinize its structural integrity. We keep watch over asset managers, ensure that the investment policy is adhered to, and recommend modifications where necessary. In doing this we maximize the portfolio’s long-term efficiency. 


We act with long-term strategic targets in mind, and continuously assess the balance of a portfolio. Through rebalancing we stay loyal to our client’s goals and maintain the risk/reward ratio defined in their investment policy. When necessary we advise, and represent our clients if they need to sell high (outperforming asset classes) and buy low (lower performing asset classes) to rebalance the asset allocation. This maximizes the portfolio’s efficiency over time.


Each of our clients receives tailor made proprietary global consolidated reporting through our secure encrypted client access portal. We provide clear information letting you know what assets you own, and we explain how they fit your investment strategy through regular contact with our advisory team.


Our clients have a wide range of interests, both personal and business. We work with various lenders to investigate and seek out any type of asset based lending that the client may require. Acting as an experienced layer between the banks and financial industry our advisors can research and help our client obtain credit facilities including mortgages, plane financing, or yacht financing.